Becoming an engine driver used to be every young boy’s childhood dream. Now that dream has come true for 23-year old Tom Jones from Alford.

Tom has just qualified as a driver at the LWR, where he was first taken as a youngster by his grandfather Tony Jones – one of the leading lights in the formation of the heritage line.

Tony spent all his working life on the railways, passing his driver’s exam back in 1962 at Retford. Now his grandson has followed in his footsteps, exactly 54 years later.

“I started bringing Tom with me to Ludborough in the early days when he was just three and he has stuck at it ever since” said Tony. “He went on to qualify as a fireman when he was just 18 and has been training as a driver for the last five years. I’m so proud of him – I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!”

Tom, who works as a civil engineer, took charge of his first train at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway– the ‘Santa Special’ – on the 18th December.

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