The picture above shows the current end of the line just south of Ludborough station, but it won’t be for much longer!

The drainage work on the course of the track bed to Pear Tree Lane has now been finished, roughly a mile of pipe! This short but expensive task has now been completed with 6in soak-away pipe placed below ground on either side of the trackbed, surrounded by clean gravel to allow the water to soak through and drain away. Inspection chambers have been installed so if a problem was to occur the pipes could be accessed through the chambers so the system can be jetted. Handrails have also been installed where the line bridges one of the culverts.

A bulldozer was then brought in to grade the trackbed from Ludborough to the Pear Tree Lane level crossing, where there is actually a 3 metre difference in height over the half mile. The banks have also been reshaped and graded.

250 ton of stone was ordered and a 25 ton, 360 digger with a laser level was hired to lay the ballast to a level of 8in, which covered just under 200metres in length.

The next step is to move enough sleepers and rail to complete this short section of the extension. With the winter months getting closer we are working hard to get this section of line laid as soon as is physically possible.

We now need to raise funds to purchase more rail, sleepers and ballast to move the project forward so if you would like to support our “Making Tracks for Louth” Appeal you can donate online at or call 01507 363881 for more information.

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