A London and North Eastern Railway Bulk Grain Van that worked on the East Lincolnshire line between Grimsby and Louth’s Malt Kiln has been fully restored to its former glory by volunteers at the LWR.

It is one of three grain vans that were donated to the Grimsby-Louth Railway Group by the Malt Kiln owners after the line closed in 1980.

Having spent a number of years exposed to the elements on a piece of track at Louth, they were finally moved by road to Ludborough in 2000.

The original batch of 25 of these LNER 20-ton convertible bulk grain vans were delivered between September and December 1929 and were built to GWR drawings. The grain always seems to have been taken to King George Dock, Hull, hence the notice “Return to Silo, Hull”.

The original intention was to use these wagons as either covered goods vans, or bulk grain hoppers. The floor was ingeniously designed with flaps to form either a flat floor, covering the discharge shutes, or the hoppers.

In its final form the two pairs of side doors on each side were unnecessary and a small inspection door was provided on one side only. Two loading hatches were incorporated in the roof, with steps and a hand rail at each end. The doors, roof hatches and hand wheel to operate the hopper doors were provided with padlocks, all of which were to be locked prior to moving the wagon.

Our vans were of a type built in 1937, during which period some 101 wagons were constructed.

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